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Rubber Rollers
Usama Group of Companies is one of the prominent service provider of varied rubber roller products like printing rubber rollers, industrial rubber rollers, grooved rubber rollers and ebonite rollers are extensively used across diverse range of industries such as textile, paper, plastic, packaging, film, foil, fiber & yarn, cement, leather, polyester, printing, pharmaceutical and chemical in Pakistan.

Usama Group of Companies provide World Class Updated Technology and the best possible quality Rubber Rollers for almost all applications in Textile Industries. We can supply MS Roller, SS Rollers, Aluminium Rolles, Polyurethane Roller, Neoprene Rubber Rollers, Silicone Rubber Rollers, Groove Rubber Rollers, Rubber Sleeves, Rubber Expander Rollers, etc. For Textile Industries. We prepare Wrinkle Remover Rubber Rollers, Bow Expander Roller, Metal Expander Roller, etc. for Textile Use.

Our Rollers are widely used in Textile Industries in Stentor Machine, Rotary Machine, Jigger, Dyeing, Calender, Flat Bed machine, Mangle, Mercerize, Shopper, Loop Machines, etc. The Rollers are also used in Plastic Industries, Paper Industries, Leather Industries, Plywood Industries, etc.

Some companies prefer to cover their own rolls by adhering rubber sleeves or lagging onto the core. At an affordable rate, Usama Group of Companies. will remove old coverings and prepare a core so that one can properly apply a sleeve or lagging. Usama Group of Companies is a private company working solely to give the best quality and service on rubber roller manufacturing and rubber roller refurbishing.